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About Us

As a digital marketing agency founded by an 4X award-winning Black woman who inspires people & provokes the world around her to venture into uncommon spaces with intentionality; making waves, creating milestones, and outshining and annihilating obstacles is what we do.

It's Your Digital Journey, Simplified

Hey there, I’m Maxine, the driving force behind Max Mobile Solutions. For over two decades, I’ve been on a mission – a mission to empower hardworking entrepreneurs and non-profits like you with the tools and resources needed to conquer the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. But, hey, who said this journey couldn’t be fun, exciting, and anxiety-free?

You Can Confidently Leave It To Us!

Let’s face it, as a business owner or manager, you’ve got a plate full of responsibilities, and diving into the complexities of digital marketing can seem like an overwhelming circus act. But that’s where we come in, and we come in strong. At Max Mobile Solutions, we’re your trusted partner in navigating the digital landscape, and we’re here to simplify it all.

More Than Just Credentials

It’s About Your Success Sure, we’ve got credentials galore, and you can bet we’re proud of them. I mean, being recognized as Tech Woman of the Year 2022 is pretty cool, right? But let’s not dwell on accolades; let’s focus on you.


Company Spotlights

We may be in the small city of Windsor, Ontario, bordering Detroit, but we are known and recognized across North America!

Our Promise

At Max Mobile Solutions, we’re not just another agency. We’re your one-stop holistic branding and marketing powerhouse. We’ve gathered a team of 6 data-driven, passionate specialists to help you conquer local markets or dominate on a global scale. We’re here to help you shine, and we do it by offering something special – a full-funnel marketing campaign that’s not just about driving sales but also about building trust with your audience.

Your Success, Our Expertise

From website development that wows to search engine optimization that soars, we’ve got your back. Our approach is holistic, and it’s designed to give you the freedom to focus on what you do best: growing your business. We’re the backstage crew that makes sure your performance in the digital spotlight is nothing short of spectacular.

Meet Our Founder and CEO

Maxine Ebegbuzie-Shelton

Maxine Ebegbuzie is a powerhouse in the digital marketing landscape with over 25 years of experience. She serves as the Vice President of BWFA, a leading women’s professional network, and the Founder of BBC Inc, an organization that uplifts and supports over 150 entrepreneurs. Maxine is also the Regional Director for a National Chamber of Commerce, strengthening her influential role in both local and national business ecosystems. She is also SWOBEN’s exclusive Marketing Advisor assisting marginalized entrepreneurs reach their business goals. She is raises the banner against femicide working with the Department of justice providing webn applications/integrations and creative projects that assist women going through domestic violence.

Her expertise uniquely combines operational and strategic brilliance, making her a sought-after leader for transformative brand and marketing initiatives.

“In a world cluttered with noise, true marketing isn’t about being the loudest; it’s about being the most resonant. Branding is not just an aesthetic; it’s the soul of your business made visible.” – Maxine Ebegbuziethe same price of for sale in usa is really equaled using personalized merit.


Meet Our Internet Marketing Geniuses!
Maxine Ebegbuzie - Branding Specialist Marketing Specialist Michigan Detroit Windsor CEO

Maxine Ebegbuzie

CEO / Branding & Marketing Specialist
Nwanneka Baraka - Tech Lead Web Developer Michigan Detroit Windsor Team

Nwanneka Baraka

Tech Lead/AI/Web Designer & Developer
Faisal Shafiq - Web Developer Automation AI

Faisal Shafiq

Web Design/Developer & SEO Specialist
Montan Nunlee Sales Representative Max Mobile Solutions

Montan Nunlee

Sales Representative/Audio Technician
Rashad Calvin Black

Calvin Rashad Black

Sales Representative
Natalie Chickee Francophone English Communications Specialist

Natalie Chickee

French/English Communications Specialist

What Our Clients are saying


Are You Ready?

Do you want to dominate your local market? Get connected with our experts today!

We are committed to helping our clients conquer any obstacles & achieving remarkable Results!

Max Mobile Solutions was created to provide practical solutions to practical problems. Whether you have an in-house marketing team or not, our team has got you covered! We will join forces with you so that you can focus your time and energy on what you do best, running and developing your business.

Our Trailblazing Team

CEO - Maxine Ebegbuzie

Owner - SEO, Branding & Digital Marketing Specialist

internet marketing agency


I help companies dominate, convert and stretch brand recognition and visibility worldwide

It all started with Maxine Ebegbuzie-Shelton who holds 2 degrees: a Bachelor of Education, a Bachelor of Commerce, a Diploma in Accounting, and several certifications in Media, Marketing, Graphic Design, SEO and Web Development. She exudes enthusiasm in everything she sets her hands to. And is an experienced Brand Specialist, PR rep, digital marketer, content creator, who spent the last 28 years helping companies reach their goals. After 28 years of work in the industry, she launched Max Mobile Solutions in 2014.

Driven by a desire to inspire and empower from a young age from 14 yrs old, for 8 years, she hosted and produced a 3-time award-winning show on CJAM 91.5FM, now known as 99.1 FM. And has extensive experience in video production, creative content, infrastructure development, public relations, strategic marketing,  and community engagement.

She is known for her first-rate business consulting, youth and business mentorship, providing the best tools, sharing practical wisdom, and practical steps so everyone can reach their goals!

Tech Lead - Nwanneka Baraka


web design agency Windsor


I help companies dominate, convert and stretch brand recognition and visibility worldwide

Co-Owner of Max Mobile Solutions, Nwanneka Baraka is Software Developer, coder in Python, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and is our in-house Applied Artificial Intelligence Specialist. She is a Youth in Tech Award Finalist 2022 recognized for her immense contributions through tech in her community; making waves in the tech industry.

She had been coding for 5 years and obtained her more recent credentials from IBM and the University of Michigan and we are so proud to have her as part of our management and technical team!

jeff christiansen

Digital Strategist

Vikas Solanki

WordPress Development, Cybersecurity, Speed Optimization Specialist

Adil Farid

Full Stack Developer

Natalie Chickee

Media & Communications, Specialist, French/English Copywriter &  French Transcriber

Calvin Black

Sales Representative

Montan nunlee

Sales Representative, Audio Engineer

Our Core Values


Collaboration For Best Results

We handpick the best talent in the industry, and together we take pride in delivering the finest, comprehensive solutions to guarantee growth and progress in you goals. Our team and our clients are our family!


Passion To see You Succeed

We take care of your company as if it were our own. Gifting is ingrained in our company model since we are enthusiastic about your goals! We are committed to providing free SEO and digital reports as well as free trials of our tools on a monthly basis.



The Digital space is a dynamic field that is ever-changing, that is continually evolving. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the latest trends, the most convenient technological integrations, and best lead generation options currently available.


Here's What our Clients Are Saying!

"Certainly, I would highly recommend it! Max Mobile solutions took so much stress off me as a growing entrepreneur and help me manage my business seamlessly in a one-stop-shop. They also help get leads to my business by getting me verified on google so that my site is simple to find! I have no clue where my business would be without their assists!"