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Utilize the best, award-winning, data-driven experts at Max Mobile Solutions, our full-service internet marketing agency & let us take your company to new heights!


Our website audit has been described as the “most valuable meeting of the year,” and there is NO pushy sales pitch included.


We may be in the small city of Windsor, Ontario, bordering Detroit, but we are known and recognized across North America!

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We keep customers for the long term. They renew 95% of their contracts with us.

We Use Audience Targeting Tools To Support Geofencing Marketing To Promote Leads, Sales, Brand Awareness, & Engagement

Programmatic Display

Utilize our 25+ ad exchanges to reach customers with affinity and intent.

Paid Social

Using a combination of intent and purchasing patterns, hyper target in-market customers.

Data Targeting

Tools for finding more similar audiences and visualizing data performance.

Paid Search

Get in front of in-market, lower funnel customers.

Data-Driven Targeted Digital Marketing Services

Reserve your comprehensive Digital Consultation with Max Mobile Solutions and unlock the full potential of your brand. In this one-on-one session, you’ll have the privilege of engaging with Maxine Ebegbuzie—an award-winning Branding & Marketing specialist, esteemed educator, technology award recipient, and renowned speaker with over 20 years of experience in the technology, media, and marketing industry.

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Our marketing technology effectively addresses genuine business challenges.

The marketing and technology solutions we utilize for our clients are the same ones we apply to our own business. Discover how we formulate all-encompassing omnichannel marketing strategies for every business marketing challenge we encounter.

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Better than zip code targeting and better than neighborhood targeting, our addressable geofencing system allows us to either take a list of addresses or curate an audience based on demographic and psychographic factors and only contact those at the home level. Additionally, we will be able to accurately attribute your marketing to both online and offline conversions.

Based on the industry, we would leverage the data of our client’s most valuable customers to generate similar models across their entire data set. This includes our programmatic exchanges, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, CRM, and other sources. We offer retargeting capabilities through our various programmatic exchanges, and even physical retail stores looking to retarget customers who have visited their locations can take advantage of geofencing marketing. Using these insights, we would craft algorithms to identify more potential customers who exhibit similar conversion patterns.

Our team would employ several B2B channels that target in-market users as well as specific people based on their job titles, interests, keyword histories, and product/service interests, keeping in mind that some prospects have a longer sales cycle. To reach B2B prospects and generate quality leads for your business, we would use a full funnel plan that included Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Keyword Contextual Targeting, Facebook, and Site Retargeting.

To reach customers we know are actively looking for your products and services right now, we would mix lower funnel approaches like Geofencing Marketing, Paid Search, Paid Social, Site Retargeting, and Search Retargeting. We would track phone calls, appointments made, form submissions, emails sent, and even chat interactions on your website using our tracking tools in order to properly attribute and optimize to the channels and sub-tactics that are producing the most results for you.

Do you have a radio advertising & TV budget, but are you getting sick of not knowing whether it’s generating walk-in business or online conversions? We can hyper target the individuals most likely to convert into customers with our OTT/CTV Advertising and Programmatic Audio campaigns, measure both online and offline conversions, and use our audience curation tool to target the ideal audience segments.

With our addressable geofencing solution, we would use the same address list you are using for your direct mail to target the same people a week before and a week after the mail drop. The same customers that receive direct mailers would then receive static banner advertising, pre-roll video, and/or OTT advertising.

Many conferences and events have been postponed or cancelled as a result of COVID-19, but for those that are still going on, we can geofence them, gather the crowd, and retarget them for a while. Additionally, we can geofence previous events, gather those same mobile device IDs, and retarget those individuals for an extended period of time.

Pop-up ads and chatbots are tools we use to interact with website visitors and increase lead flow. When we adopted these best practices for ourselves as well as the customers we work with, we virtually tripled our lead generation. See how our lead flow is enhanced by our partnership with HubSpot and the use of conversion rate optimization.

We can geofence up to the borders of buildings, shops, competitors’ locations, and other precise places using our geofencing marketing solution, and we can target those depending on their purchase intent or other demographic information. And using our conversion zone tracking, we can determine how many people saw or clicked on your advertising before visiting your physical location. As a result, we’re connecting your online marketing ROI to your offline conversions.

Programmatic Partner Platforms

Explore our comprehensive range of advertising exchanges tailored to meet your digital advertising requirements.


We get behind your vision like it's our own

"Captivating Content, Transparency, Results" is our motto. You get award-winning expert marketing advice, coaching, the resources and analytics to monitor every milestone.

Captivating Content

Max Mobile Solutions is a unique creative marketing agency with a team of brand & marketing specialists who think outside the box. If you are not captivated by every aspect of web design, then you're in the wrong place. Expect cutting edge content creation, the most engaging design that converts.

No one compares to our in-house creative expertise.


We are transparent and educate you at every stage of the process. As a result, 95% of our clients renew contracts with us. Your success is tracked at every stage, from a customized plan, sharing our scheduled creative content, to a dashboard that is available around-the-clock to keep you constantly in the loop.

No one is more transparent

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No matter the scenario, we are confident in our ability to meet the needs of any size business, in any industry. We back up our performance because of this. We make no claims to possess a secret recipe. We basically put forth a lot of effort.

No one is more data-driven than us

Unparalleled Expertise

If your website isn't already your favorite employee, we can change that. The Max Mobile Solutions team is led by 2 award-winning women and has partnerships and staff with the best talent in the industry. Our organization has worked with hundreds of clients, both large and small, and has provided thousands of free website evaluations. We've witnessed it all.

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Meet Our Internet Marketing Geniuses!
Maxine Ebegbuzie - Branding Specialist Marketing Specialist Michigan Detroit Windsor CEO

Maxine Ebegbuzie

CEO / Branding & Marketing Specialist
Nwanneka Baraka - Tech Lead Web Developer Michigan Detroit Windsor Team

Nwanneka Baraka

Tech Lead/AI/Web Designer & Developer
Faisal Shafiq - Web Developer Automation AI

Faisal Shafiq

Web Design/Developer & SEO Specialist
Montan Nunlee Sales Representative Max Mobile Solutions

Montan Nunlee

Sales Representative/Audio Technician
Rashad Calvin Black

Calvin Rashad Black

Sales Representative
Julianna Rafi Social Media Specialist Photography

Juliana Rafi

Social Media Specialist/Photographer
Natalie Chickee Francophone English Communications Specialist

Natalie Chickee

French/English Communications Specialist



Here what our clients are saying!

"Maxine and her team are incredible! I just want to say I just want to say that I am super picky, and I had high expectations and many requirements. They gave me free tools and a free diagnostic showing all my pain points. Then I decided to hire them to redo my website, and I paid for the SEO package. Even though I was already thriving, they took my online presence to the next level. They completed the work professionally and on time. They were very blunt and upfront about things that won’t work and suggested the right solutions. If you need any kind of digital marketing solutions, you better contact Max Mobile! The level of expertise is unmatched! "
Nancy Ket
Gaming Marketing Coordinator
"Certainly, I would highly recommend it! Max Mobile solutions took so much stress off me as a growing entrepreneur and help me manage my business seamlessly in a one-stop-shop. They also help get leads to my business by getting me verified on google so that my site is simple to find! I have no clue where my business would be without their assists!"
Kiera Love
Self-Love Coach
"Blog service was top notch. I purchase monthly blog writing and the articles are really engaging and relevant. It is exactly what I need. Thanks so much."
Tenision Lara
Real Estate Agent
"I have known Maxine through mutual involvement in a variety of community roles over the years. We utilized Maxine as a film director and she literally built this project from the ground up She is dynamic, enthusiastic, dedicated, organized, and an excellent planner, communicator and problem solver. Her leadership style enables her to provide support, encouragement, and motivation while modeling the way until the individuals she is leading have the confidence to be leaders themselves. Her combination of technical and marketing, and training facilitation made her the best person to carry out all our needs for the project. We will be utilizing her to do our website as well and, I'm sure many more things in the future. "
Angelina E.
Co-Founder of Black Women of Forward Action

What Our Clients are saying


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