We are Your Political Advocates

Leveraging the best of technology, our team launches very targeted digital solutions that will reach voters in the most efficient and strategic way to bring interest to candidates they were interested in or potentially flip their voting choice.

Advertise to people who voted in the previous 3 elections in your district.

We can put your CRM data into our system and show these users your advertising while they surf the web if you have access to voter data, which most secretary of states normally have (names, emails, physical addresses, etc.) or if you have purchased a list.

Your campaign’s budget is restricted. There’s no point in getting your campaign message in front of everyone unless you have a clear goal in mind. Your funds must be managed as efficiently as possible. This is possible thanks to our advertising solutions.

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digital marketing company near me

Leverage Cutting Edge Tech To Target Potential Voters

Our team launches very targeted digital solutions that will reach voters in the most efficient and strategic ways to bring interest to candidates they were already interested in or even potentially flip their voting choice.

Geo-Fencing Targeting and How It Works

Our geo-fencing technology allows us to deliver advertising to users who visited specific buildings or went to specific physical areas through their mobile devices. Politicians can use this technology in a variety of ways for their campaigns:

Who We Work With

USA Political Campaigns (Local Elections, City Counsels, Legislature, US House Races, Senate, Mayoral, Gubernatorial), Advocacy Groups, Ballot Initiatives, SuperPacs, and Government are all clients of our digital agency.

We have expanded into Canada to assist Canadian political Campaigns (municipal elections, provincially and federally. Contact us for more information on how you can level up on the campaign trail. 

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Customized Solutions for Political and Advocacy Campaigns

"85% of people now use cellphones."

Are You Reaching Out To Them Through Digital Advertising?

Case Study #1

With only a few weeks to election day, this politician was trailing his opponent in the Senate race and wanted to reach out to voters online in several key counties to supplement his TV and direct mail efforts. To broaden the campaign’s reach, a digital strategy was rapidly devised to reach consumers in the target areas, as well as an online audience that mirrored who they were currently targeting through traditional advertising. 


Viewability constraints were used in prospecting campaigns for each Geography to ensure that ads were served on sites with ads in view. During the two-week campaign, top sites in the targeted counties served over 5.3 million impressions. This politician was elected in addition to driving a.11 percent CTR. Because of this politician’s success with creating digital audiences, a national political news site published an article about the power of strategic digital campaigns to win over voters.

Case Study #2

This client was already serving as Mayor of a small city with a thriving community, but she wanted to make sure she got her message out to millennials and content consumers on digital platforms, so she enlisted our help to her win re-election.

Our team used a variety of tactics to help this politician connect with the people of her city more directly:
  1. Our team created a Facebook/Instagram campaign aimed at millennials and high-propensity voters in the city’s area.
  2. Our team identified specific pockets and high-traffic areas in the city to target so that we could effectively get our message out to crucial neighborhoods using programmatic display (Geo Fencing).
She was re-elected as Mayor for a second term. She commended our team with not just securing her seat with a comfortable victory, but also developing initiatives that would help her get a head start on legislation and work on behalf of the city.

Case Study #3

This woman was already a powerful candidate, with the support of Atlanta’s current mayor, extensive connections in the community, and a well-organized grassroots campaign. She had to beef up her digital operation and messaging after winning the primary and knowing she would be going head to head with a formidable opponent. Our team was hired as a consultant to help with the amplification.

Our political campaign specialists created a Facebook/Instagram advertising strategy that capitalized on her existing base of voters who had expressed an interest in knowing more about her candidacy. With targeted video material to excite her base, micro-target segments with micro concerns vital to those voting blocks, and voter turnout at key events throughout the campaign, we were able to harness both high propensity voters and her existing base.

RESULT (Won By Less Than 1000 Votes):
We believe our digital advertising strategy, which was non-existent before the runoff, helped our client win the Mayoral Election by just under 1000 votes.