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Real-Time Location-Targeted Ads On Mobile

Your phone, wallet, and keys are a few items you won't leave the house without. Mobile devices offer special insight into user behaviors, the locations they frequent, interests, routines at home and at work,  and so much more.

What and Why is Device ID Targeting so Powerful?

Mobile devices contain a specific ID number that is discreetly connected to the user who is holding noob breitling airwolf raven mens around 15mm a78364 18cm deployment the device. If user has given permission on their device, only then can we access it.  This data is taken and compiled as users move around with their devices, it is saved on the cloud, and made accessible. 

At Max Mobile Solutions, we ethically  target the customers you want to reach using those same devices thanks to our exclusive Device ID Targeting and Geo-Fencing technologies.  

Ways to Use Device ID

Visitor Targeting At Your Locations

Attract consumers who have previously visited key locations, irrespective of where they are right now.

Conquest Targeting of Competion's Visitors

Draw a digital perimeter around targeted competitor locations to entice their consumers with ads to visit and purchase your products or services, in real-time or as long as 12 months!

Look-Alike & Household Extension Targeting

Once the individual is tagged and they go back to their household, when they connect to wifi, our marketing technology will expand audience segments to include other devices in the household and/or audience members with similar behavioral characteristics.

Home Address Identification & Reverse Append

Link device IDs to addresses and vice versa.

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Geofencing Marketing Services

Location-Specific & Compelling

Our programmatic technologies produce excellent results when you want to scale highly strategic, complex campaigns across devices and platforms.

Determine the best geographical locations

We’ll study the characteristics of your ideal clients and assist in locating the places where they spend their time in the real world.

Create your advertisements

We’ll create compelling, effective ads that persuade your audience to click, and we’ll make sure they look great on various apps and mobile devices.

Transparent & High Performing Services

Create your geofencing campaign.

Your geofencing campaign’s specifics, such as the virtual fences, ad timing, and frequency, are managed by our digital agency. We’ll deliver your message to the right people at the right time.

Keep track of campaign outcomes

We give you a thorough monthly report that you can access 24/7, 365 days a year that details how frequently people saw and clicked on your advertisement and even tell you who viewed your advertisement and physically walked into your shop!

Why Max Mobile Solutions?

Access to Actual Data

We have unmatched access to data for Device ID and Geofencing. A certified one-to-one device match is provided for marketing initiatives. We don’t use suppositional data to validate user location data.

Only Use Verified ID's

Max Mobile Solutions uses device ID information that is particular to latitude and longitude and is not available through a data pool until it has undergone comprehensive verification.

Access to Geospatial Data

We have access to third-party data, allowing us to link prospective devices to residential addresses and compare that data to information about the occupants of those homes that is readily available in the public domain. We make use of the geospatial data that is already available and make it available for programmatic targeting.

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