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Pre-Roll video ads

Programmatic Video for High-Impact Campaigns

One of the most effective ad forms is video. Our programmatic video alternatives include all of our cutting-edge targeting capabilities for high-impact campaigns and are as scalable as banner advertising.

Maximize Your Investment in Video

In order to maximize impact and spread a variety of marketing messages, many brands and companies invest in high-quality video material. We make sure that your video content is used as extensively and effectively as possible with our programmatic video campaigns.

Real-time storytelling

With the help of cutting-edge audience targeting methods and our programmatic video solutions, businesses can communicate their stories in real time, at any time, and everywhere in the globe.

Scalable to the scalability of banner advertising

We provide features like completion rates, viewability, skippable versus non-skippable content, and more. Local marketers have never had access to video advertising that is both simple and successful.

Utilize our wide array of targeting options

Target audiences based on their activity, geography, search history, demographic information, device ID, and more to maximize the effectiveness and return on investment of your campaign.

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Our Video Programmatic Services

All of the capabilities that regular banner advertising offers are available in programmatic video advertising, but in a video format.

Identify The Essential Traits

You may connect with your viewers using a variety of criteria, including content, behavior, search results, and more.

Alternatives For Creative Targeting

Now that programmatic video is as scalable as banner advertising, you have access to a variety of cutting-edge targeting choices.

Improve The Way A Campaign Is Run

Max Mobile Solutions helps clients target TV budgets and other video format advertising to optimize return on ad spend. Also, our team monitors daily and will make changes to continue optimizing all the way through.


Why Max Mobile Solutions

Leveraging Ad Exchanges

Max Mobile Solutions is connected with over 21 ad exchanges, including Index Exchange, Doubleclick AdExchange, and Telaria and have experts on these exchanges who understand how to target your clients, e.g. behavior, interests to maximize your ROI. 

Dedicated Omnichannel Targeting

Our programmatic video solution’s ability to maximize your omnichannel strategy and target a narrow audience in a small geographic area ensures that it will have a big impact.

Scale, Implement & Deliver

We are strategically positioned to grow, implement, your programmatic video plan and provide excellent outcomes for your local clients or customers.

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See how we’ve assisted top businesses around the nation in optimizing their digital campaigns to drive sales and grow their businesses, from full-funnel marketing to programmatic native advertising.

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