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Our SEO Plans Can Bring Your Business to the Top of Google Search Results and Your Revenue to the Next Level!

What Happens When I Hire a good SEO marketing firm?

Be The One Customers Trust

SEO helps you be present in the research phase and establish your company in the researchers mind turning potential customers into real customers. Choosing an internet marketing company that understands the everchanging market is undoubtedly one of your biggest game-changing decisions!

Be Seen First In The Search

SEO puts your website in front of prospective customers when these internet searches happen. Those in the top 3 positions on any given keyword has 55% of the market through ranking for specific keywords. Top 10 positions in the SERP recieve 86.3% of the potential clients.

More Revenue

With SEO you will be seen as reputable, customers review and enjoy your brand, you are optimized for targeted traffic and will gain more revenue. In addition, you will receive more bang for your buck when coupled with a digital marketing coach running your ads; more conversions!

What Is SEO?


It instructs search engines on how to match pages to queries. It is focused mainly on the site’s content, design, how it will be optimized for relevant keywords and for a significantly better visitor experience.


Natural inbound links from authoritative and noteworthy websites act as a “vote of confidence,” consequently increasing search engines’ trust in your website. We have contacts with CBS, CBC, NBC, Fox, Bloomsberg, and media in 167 countries.


This refers to all SEO changes made to your website’s code to improve its ranking. An example is site speed – being that there is 7% loss of revenue for each second above 2 seconds loading time.

Schedule a Consultation to Get Your Custom Strategy

Site Audit

We examine your website, industry, and competitors to identify opportunities.

SEO Action Plan

Action Plan

Get a thorough plan of action on how we can accomplish your goals.


We provide you with specific pricing information, along with detailed timelines.



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Max Mobile Solutions is known in Canada to provide stellar SEO and internet marketing services. If you want to entrust the top internet marketing company in the Windsor/Detroit region, know that we are not your typical local internet marketing agency. We not only help businesses dominate locally, but we also have clients worldwide. Utilizing premium analytical tools and our award-winning experts, we provide data-driven top-shelf SEO and internet marketing plans customized to the individual needs of our clients. 

We launched in 2014, lead by our award-winning, founder, tech, marketing and public relations expert Maxine Ebegbuzie. After helping to launch some of the largest media companies, local businesses, and non-profits over the last 20 years, she decided to launch this agency so she could help companies reach their goals. She has put together a team of fresh talent that understands the everchanging digital space because we at Max Mobile Solutions take pride in being ahead of every important trend.

In recent years, she has been featured in media around the world, spoken across North America and has been awarded Tech Woman of The Year 2022 with We-Tech Alliance along with her partner Nwanneka Baraka who is our inhouse Software Developer, Web Developer and applied AI Specialist, as well as the recipient of Young Tech Professional of the Year 2022.