Max Mobile Solutions Agreement

Standard Policy on Services Rendered and Approved

Thank you for choosing Max Mobile Solutions as your digital marketing agency. This policy outlines our guidelines regarding services rendered and approved by clients. Please read this document carefully to understand our procedures and policies in such situations.

Services Rendered and Approved:
1.1. Once the client approves and agrees to proceed with a specific service or project, Max Mobile Solutions will initiate the work as per the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

1.2. It is important to note that many projects consist of multiple stages or milestones, each requiring separate approvals from the client. Once a particular stage or milestone is approved by the client, it is considered final and non-refundable.

1.3. If parts of a project have been approved by the client, any refunds or adjustments are not possible for those specific approved parts, as work has already been delivered based on the client’s approval.

Non-Compliance with Processes:
2.1. Max Mobile Solutions operates based on established processes and workflows to ensure efficient and effective service delivery.

We understand that circumstances may arise where clients may not fully comply with the established processes. In such cases, we work diligently to address any issues and find mutually acceptable solutions. However, it is important to note that significant non-compliance may impact the timely completion of projects and the quality of the delivered services.


The following are examples of non-compliance issues that may arise with potential clients:

2.1.1. Failure to provide necessary information or materials required for the project within the designated timeframe.

2.1.2. Inability or unwillingness to adhere to the established processes and guidelines provided by Max Mobile Solutions.

2.1.3. Delayed or lack of response to inquiries, requests for feedback, or approvals, causing a disruption in project progress.

2.1.4. Making significant changes to the project scope or requirements without proper communication or agreement.

2.1.5. Violation of the agreed-upon ticketing system, which is primarily done through email, except in cases of emergencies related to services.

2.1.6. Texts and calls outside of office hours, unless for emergencies related to services, will be subject to hourly charges accumulated on a running tab.

Client Obligations:
3.1. To ensure a smooth collaboration, the client is responsible for the following obligations:

3.1.1. Providing all necessary information, materials, and access required by Max Mobile Solutions within the designated timeframe.

3.1.2. Adhering to the established processes and guidelines provided by Max Mobile Solutions.

3.1.3. Cooperating with Max Mobile Solutions by promptly responding to inquiries, requests for feedback, and approvals.

3.1.4. Utilizing the ticketing system primarily through email, except in cases of emergencies related to services.

3.1.5. Limiting communication outside of office hours to emergencies related to services, with an understanding that such communication may incur additional charges.

3.1.6. Site Hosting: Clients are required to make timely payments for site hosting services. If hosting fees are not paid within 30 days of the due date, Max Mobile Solutions reserves the right to temporarily take down the client’s site until payment is made. Additionally, a restoration fee of $125 will be applicable to reinstate the site after payment is received.

3.1.7. Security Measures: Clients are responsible for purchasing monthly security measures to ensure their website remains free from malware and safeguard the information of both the business owner and clients. Max Mobile Solutions strongly recommends the use of our premium security package, which is required on all our sites hosted on our servers. This comprehensive security package offers enhanced protection against potential threats. However, in the event that a client declines the premium security package, Max Mobile Solutions will isolate their site. If malware arises, the client will be billed for malware removal services.

Content Creation Pricing:
4.1. Max Mobile Solutions offers content creation services at the following rates:

4.1.1. For standard content creation services, the rate is $150 per 500 words.

4.1.2. For non-profit organizations and marginalized businesses, we offer a discounted rate of $75 per 500 words. We are committed to assisting and supporting these organizations to foster their growth.

Collaboration with Low Income Businesses:
5.1. While we prioritize the security and success of all our clients, we understand that some businesses may face financial constraints. Max Mobile Solutions strives to work with financially-burdened businesses to the best of our abilities, offering support and guidance within our means.

5.2. We are committed to finding solutions that balance the client’s financial limitations with the necessary security measures and services required. By working together, we aim to provide an environment that fosters growth and online security for businesses of all sizes.

Dispute Resolution:
6.1. In the event of a dispute arising from services rendered and approved or non-compliance with processes, both the client and Max Mobile Solutions agree to engage in good-faith discussions to resolve the matter amicably.

6.2. If an agreement cannot be reached through negotiations, either party may pursue alternative dispute resolution methods as specified in the governing agreement between the client and Max Mobile Solutions.

Modifications to the Policy after 2021:
7.1. Max Mobile Solutions reserves the right to modify this policy at its discretion. Any changes will be communicated to the client in writing or through other appropriate means.

Updated November 6, 2021

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– Max Mobile Solutions’ Team