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Using Max Mobile Solutions, you can become digitally inclusive and legally compliant. MaxAccess is incredibly simple!
Make Your Website WCAG, ADA, and AODA Compliant; Tailor-Made for Any Business Size!!

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online marketing company

Did you Know?

*About 20% of the world’s population has trouble accessing and engaging with websites. In the US, people with disabilities and their loved ones have a disposable income of $8 trillion. In Canada, it is $311 billion! 

We'll Fix your Violations Seamlessly Today

Enhanced Accessibility

Fix accessibility violations, improve user experience, serve the disabled community & grow your profits!

Custom Accessibility Statement

When you choose a plan, we will compose an accessibility statement for you to display on your site.

Free Monthly Audity

We will continue to audit your site free of charge monthly to ensure that you stay compliant.

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Most Cost-Effective & Efficient Solution

Accessibility Compliance provides a cost-effective and dependable solution by providing a tool package that improves the accessibility of website content.

We can help you make your website and all of your digital content accessible without the need for a complete redesign by utilizing our cutting-edge technology based on unique AI algorithms.

Become WCAG, ADA & AODA compliant

Breathe easy with MaxAccess’s auto-remediation tool. We service the globe & adhere to worldwide standards & regulations.

We Train your Staff

If you have a site with frequent changing content, we will train your staff on best practices. 

Personal Account Manager

You will be set up with an account manager to assist you with your daily needs.

Affordable for all businesses

With our website accessibility service, there is no longer a need for several on site engineers that take 3-9 months to get you compliant. All you have to do is get a free consultation and we take care of the rest! You'll be accessible in as little as 3 days!

Get set up in a few days

Max Mobile Solution's MaxAccess is a world-class digital accessibility solution. MaxAccess is a critical feature of any website that allows people with disabilities to view internet-based content when many sites fail to meet this requirement.

No Worries about Getting Sued

Even if you are facing a lawsuit, we can help! But you can ask for our auto and manual remediation solution to ensure that you are 100% compliant. We will assess your site and give you a custom recommended solution.

Full Service remediation

Our goal is your compliance, and we intend to keep our word. Most sites were developed with structural issues that are considered violations that can get you sued. Our team can go into your site and manually fix violations speedily.

Web Accessibility

Compliance Audit Report

What is the purpose of an accessibility audit report?

Based on WCAG 2.1 level AA and AAA success criteria, Max Mobile Solutions’ accessibility audit reports provide your team with clear and actionable checklists to improve your website’s accessibility compliance and assure adherence to ADA and Section 508 laws.

The audit report provides specific references as well as suggested content, structural, and code improvements to assist your team in achieving strict compliance with the latest WCAG criteria.

Today, get a full Max Mobile Solutions audit report to empower your team and secure your organization.

online marketing company
online marketing company

How Can an Audit Benefit My Company?

An accessibility audit is beneficial to your company in two ways:

• Provides you with actionable business checklists for each and every accessibility violation on your site, as well as instructions on how to correct them.
• Clearly shows goodwill and a genuine commitment to achieve accessibility requirements compliance. This is a crucial act of good faith that adds to the protective legal structure required in today’s corporate world, and it is frequently required as the first step in a lawsuit or settlement.

The Max Mobile Solutions audit report complies with the stringent requirements imposed by the government and regulatory authorities in the United States and around the world.

Accessibility that is impenetrable and legal compliance are both within your grasp. Begin right now.

1. Choose An Audit Package That Suits Your Site Best

Audit your
Standard Website
For WCAG Compliance


Audit report will be ready in
14 business days

Audit your
Large Website
For WCAG Compliance


Audit report will be ready in
21 business days

Audit your
E-commerce Website
For WCAG Compliance


Audit report will be ready in
31 business days

Get Connected With A Specialist

Website accessibility doesn't have to be painstaking and hard to maintain! Max Mobile provides the accessibility experts and AI, machine learning to get you up and running in no time!