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Watch our video to understand this powerful management dashboard that helps you streamline all your social media, reputation management, local listings, SEO, and more; all in one convenient place! 

Manage your reputation

Manage all your reviews from one place. Get insights through AI and machine learning to ensure you are found everywhere customers are searching. We track, for you, every conversation across the web in one convenient place!​

Manage your local listings

Be seen everywhere. Everyone is looking for you locally! Say goodbye to hundreds of UserID's and passwords in an attempt to manage your local presence. We ensure accuracy, manage and monitor 365 days a year!

Social Media Management

Manage all social media on one single platform! Increase your audience and overall popularity, attract new customers, offer outstanding customer care, and spend less time posting and more time expanding your company!

analytics you can run with

AdIntel streamlines your advertising campaigns and analytics and boosts your company's ROI by helping you figure out what's behind the superstar campaigns, what's really making you money; over 10 ad platforms on one dashboard!

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Customers reviews

What people say?

"Can I say that after my initial meeting with Maxine, I was completely blown away with how thorough her free audit was. I was doing so much wrong and now I have a full plan that I've implemented with her. The number of customer inquiries increased almost immediately! The Dashboard makes it so easy to manage everything!
Sarah Dunn
Talent Officer
"Certainly, I would highly recommend it! Max Mobile solutions took so much stress off me as a growing entrepreneur and help me manage my business seamlessly in a one-stop-shop. They also help get leads to my business by getting me verified on google so that my site is simple to find! I have no clue where my business would be without their assists!"
Shakeira Butler
Life Coach
"I have known Maxine through mutual involvement in a variety of community roles over the years. We utilized Maxine as a film director and she literally built this project from the ground up She is dynamic, enthusiastic, dedicated, organized, and an excellent planner, communicator and problem solver. Her leadership style enables her to provide support, encouragement, and motivation while modeling the way until the individuals she is leading have the confidence to be leaders themselves. Her combination of technical and marketing, and training facilitation made her the best person to carry out all our needs for the project. We will be utilizing her to do our website as well and, I'm sure many more things in the future."
Angelina E.
President of BWFA
"Maxine has been hosting our site for the last two years as a freelancer. We utilized her for graphic design work, video production and managing our YouTube channel as well as running our Google ads. We started using her before she established Max Mobile Solutions more recently and we will go nowhere else for marketing solutions! We first met her in the beginning stages of our business in 2018 and fast forward three years, we are where we want to be and then some. I 100% say that if you want skilled, knowledgeable, passionate people who care about your business success, give them a call."
Lily Alfie
Financial Services
"Maxine and her team are incredible! I just want to say that I am super picky, and I had high expectations and many requirements. They gave me free tools and a free diagnostic showing all my pain points. Then I decided to hire them to redo my website, and I paid for the SEO package. Even though i was already thriving, they took my online presence to the next level. They completed the work professionally and on time. They were very blunt and upfront about things that won’t work and suggested the right solutions. If you need any kind of digital marketing solutions, you better contact MaxMobile! The level of expertise is unmatched!"
Nancy K.
Small Business Owner
"Just wanted to write this review because even though we had to cancel and rebook a meeting, when we did a zoom conference, I quickly recognized that I was dealing with experts. They had a series of strategic questions that helped me understand my business better and helped them see my vision. I had changes done on my site and created email campaigns. I didn’t even know the importance of managing my reputation online and saw how much I was missing. We got all our tasks, from social media to Google and our local listings managed on one dashboard now! What a convenience! I will never go back to my old way. If you need anything, I mean anything, they are the ticket."
Lusi J.
Small Business Owner

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